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Recognizing Student Achievement

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate these students on their achievements at their respective universities and colleges.

Kellsey Jean Kloker from Lawrenceville, Georgia, achieved Brenau University Dean’s List Honors for the spring 2018 semester. Kloker is a class of 2018 student majoring in health science.

Dean’s List students must maintain at least a 3.6 grade point average while carrying at least 15 semester hours of course work.

Taylor Simpson from Lawrenceville, Georgia, participated in the Brenau University Department of Dance performance “Lucent,” a faculty, senior thesis and guest artist concert, April 5-7 at the John S. Burd Center for the Performing Arts. She performed in three student pieces, two faculty works, and one guest artist’s dance.

Simpson is a class of 2020 student with a dance major. She is a graduate of Decatur High School.

Matthew Boyd Mullin of Lawrenceville graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering .

Mullin was among nearly 3,700 students who received degrees at ceremonies May 10 and 11, 2018, in Littlejohn Coliseum.

Diana Hope Rausch of Lawrenceville, GA was named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2018 semester at Newberry College in Newberry, SC.

The Dean’s List is an academic honor awarded to students who achieved a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

I qualified this week!

Yesterday, I qualified to run for re-election for House District 100 at the Capitol Building.  And look who I met there!  None other than Congressman John Lewis who was also qualifying for re-election.


With Rep. Sam Park of HD 101 at the Hooper-Renwick High School . The original 12 rooms will be preserved.   This all Black High school closed in 1968 as many did.  Dunbar High School in Okmulgee OK closed in 1969.  What a  great program telling the story is all who attended a Black High School at that time.

Florida School Shooting

My heart is heavy as I try to make sense of what happened at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida on yesterday. None of us will ever be able to understand the reason why one person, would make the decision to go to a school, pull the fire alarm, and fire endless rounds of ammunition into unsuspecting students. As far as I am concerned, there is never any reason for the needless bloodshed of innocent lives.

The schools in our communities are the places we send our children to get an education. Our schools are supposed to be safe for all those who enter through their doors. The thought of being injured or murdered at the hands of someone who chooses to engage in gun violence is not something that many Americans believe could ever happen to them, or anyone that they love. It is clear that gun violence has become commonplace in our communities, and was on full display on Valentine’s Day, a day we all celebrate love, and many celebrated Ash Wednesday.

I remain hopeful that one day, and I am prayerful that day will come soon, that those of us who have been elected to serve, and the citizens that we serve will come together and say once and for all that we are tired of the gun violence plaguing our communities, and make the decision to do something about it to protect the lives of our children, and our neighbors. We cannot allow the murders of American citizens, and our children to continue to be commonplace, and par for the course. These things are not normal, and we should never accept these tragedies as a norm in our society.

Toys for Tots

Great Day with the Gwinnett County Democrats as we bring toys for Toys for Tots.  This is the season for giving.

Wishing you, your friends and family a safe, blessed and prosperous New Year.

Go Falcons Go!

Government Day at Lanier Elementary

I had a wonderful day at Lanier Elementary School on November 15.  Reading to the second graders is always a treat especially if the book is about Presidents.   They had just started  their government unit and I had the privilege of helping them to kick it off.

I read to all FOUR 2nd grade classes at the same time!

A Win-win!

Fight For $15

One of my Republican colleagues, Rep Clay Cox, has announced that he will introduce legislation next year to give employers a tax credit for providing health coverage to employees who are eligible for Medicaid.

I want to tell you that I will oppose this bill when it comes up for a vote.  I feel it is better if we increase the minimum wage to $15 so these workers can afford their company plans, instead of subsidizing businesses who don’t want to pay a living wage.  HB 315, which I introduced last year, does just that.

With Mr. Cox’s plan, we will still be subsidizing businesses who refuse to pay a decent wage in addition to their paying fewer taxes.  The state receives less revenue and everybody else has a choice to receive fewer services or accept a tax hike in some form or another.

This is lose-lose all the way around.  I encourage everybody to contact other legislators and ask them to support HB 315 which raises the minimum wage in Georgia.  Now, THAT is a win-win!