What Dewey Promises

Dewey McClain promises to be a leading advocate for all in the district and the communities in Georgia. He will concentrate on the transportation, education, and infrastructure needs in the state of Georgia. Dewey will also advocate for workplace justice, equal opportunities, employment and recreation.

McClain noted, “One of my many goals is to bring a team like atmosphere to a general assembly. I will work hard every day for Team Georgia. I also want to create a lasting social and economic change for families and communities in Georgia. I am very humble and delighted to serve the folks in House District 109. I will build on the strength and capacities of Georgians and their communities, be relationship driven, community focused, and concentrate on an agenda that captures local definition, hope, creativity, promotes and supports an agenda for the constituents of House District 109.”;

Legislative Priorities

  • Create Good Jobs and A Strong Economy
  • Promote Rural Recovery
  • Help Small Businesses
  • Support Georgia Students
  • Empower Parents
  • Expand Health Care
  • Increasing Georgia’s Minimum Wage
  • Transit for Gwinnett
  • Fight Against District Gerrymandering Legislation
  • Fight Discriminatory Legislation
  • Fight Against Campus Carry Legislation
  • Fight Voter Suppression Legislation