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You are invited

Join us for a fundraising reception Honoring our ”Chief Steward” in the Georgia House of Representatives HD 100

Dewey McClain

State Representative McClain has served the state of Georgia and its people as a beloved member of the Atlanta Falcons, the President of the Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council, as an Atlanta city employee with the Parks and Recreation Department for 19 years, and as the esteemed Representative from the 100th District in the Georgia Statehouse.

State Representative McClain is a tireless champion for Georgia and its citizens.

WHERE: Bullpen Rib House 735 Pollard Blvd SW, Atlanta
WHEN: Friday April 21, 2017
TIME: 5:30-8 pm

Call (404) 472-0028 for more information

Please make checks payable to: “Friends of Dewey McClain”

P.O. Box 1621
Lilburn, GA 30048


Birthday Celebration

Please join
Leader Stacey Abrams, Whip Carolyn Hugley,
Chairman Virgil Fludd, Vice-Chair Billy Mitchell, Secretary Pat Gardner, Chief Deputy Whip Simone Bell, and Chairman Emeritus Calvin Smyre
for a reception to support

Rep. Dewey McClain 

Industry and Labor – Member
Interstate Cooperation – Member
State Planning & Community Affairs – Member

Thursday, April 30, 2015
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Manuel’s Tavern
602 North Highland Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30307 (map)
Free parking available

Platinum ★ $2,500
Gold ★ $1,000
Silver ★ $500

Suggested Minimum Contribution $250
All Contributions Accepted and Appreciated

To RSVP, email rsvp@landslyde.com
or call (678) 235-4407

Please send contributions by mail to:
Friends of Dewey McClain
c/o Landslyde, LLC
Post Office Box 79543
Atlanta, Georgia 30357

Minimum Wage Bill

This session I have introduced HB 8, a minimum wage bill to the Georgia House of Representatives.   HB 8 would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour which would benefit all of Georgia’s working families.

A $15 minimum wage won’t break the economy.  In fact, it will put money back into the economy.  How can the economy grow if people can’t afford to purchase anything?

Unfortunately, HB 8 isn’t even getting a hearing because it is being held hostage by House Industry and Labor Committee Chairman Mark Hamilton.   Don’t you think this bill deserves a fair hearing?  Please contact Chairman Mark Hamilton and the other committee members and tell them it’s time to get the conversation going.  Tell them you want them to have a hearing on HB 8.   Here is all the contact information for the House Industry and Labor Committee.     Here is a link to HB 8

Minimum Wage Bill

McClainDewey845The 2015 Georgia State Assembly session will start in the beginning of January.  In preparation, I and State Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta), have prefiled a bill which, if passed, would increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Our bill, House Bill 8, provides for annual minimum wage increases to match the rising cost of living and would eliminate various eligibility exemptions from the minimum wage law.

I don’t feel anybody can survive on the current minimum wage of $5.15 an hour.  In fact, $15 an hour is still almost a poverty wage. At $15, a worker would only gross approximately $31,000 a year and net $20,000 or less annually.

I know I have the support of my fellow Democrats for this bill.   The big challenge will be convincing the Republicans to support the increase.  In all honesty, could any of them live on that wage?

With Neil of IATSE at the Workers Action on Walmart

With Neil of IATSE at the Workers Action on Walmart