DPG statement about Brian Kemp

In response to Brian Kemp winning the Republican Nomination for Governor, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issues the following statement:

“Despite noted resistance from the business community and his record as quite possibly the worst Secretary of State in Georgia history, Brian Kemp was chosen tonight by Georgia Republicans to be their nominee for Governor. Kemp’s refusal to support commonsense, Georgia-first solutions such as expanding Medicaid for our rural communities, investing in our public schools, and protecting women’s access to health care, proves to Georgians that Brian Kemp is more interested in putting his personal politics ahead of the well-being of Georgia families and businesses.

“Be it defaulting on farmers, which resulted in two separate lawsuits worth a total of over $700,000 combined, or recklessly allowing 6 million Georgians’ social security numbers to be publicly leaked on two separate occasions—not to mention then attempting to wipe the servers —Brian Kemp has proven time and time again that he can’t be trusted.

“In less than a year, Georgia fell from being the 2nd to being the 7th best state in America to do business. Georgia’s abysmal standing as 32nd in the country for K-12 public education rankings continues to drop. In Kemp’s Georgia, lucrative businesses such as Amazon and the film industry will take their money and jobs away from our state. Being “politically incorrect” should never take precedence over enacting real, meaningful public policy that serves everyday Georgians. 

“Brian Kemp’s litany of professional incompetencies already make him wholly incapable of serving as Governor, but they pale in comparison to his personal and ethical failures – including taking $300,000 in campaign donations from those he regulated and turning a blind eye to 25 sexual abuse complaints of massage therapists over the last three years.

“The question then becomes as Governor, who would Brian Kemp truly be serving? Does Brian Kemp support Washington tariffs on Georgia farmers? Will Brian Kemp’s personal agenda “destroy” and “undo” the progress made by Georgia over the past eight years, as prominent Republican leaders fear? And will Brian Kemp betray the nearly 4.5 million Georgians with preexisting conditions who rely on access to health care?”

“Regardless of the answers to these questions, Kemp’s failed track record and ethical breaches have made one thing abundantly clear: Georgia voters simply can’t trust Brian Kemp to be our next Governor.”