Education and our future

At the end of this legislative session, Georgia Republicans cut the state education budget by $1 billion. 

Cutting $1 Billion from education?  That is not acceptable. I would like to point out that the Republicans did not cut any funds from charter schools, private prisons or take any Democratic suggestions for raising revenue.That should tell you where their priorities are! 

What transpired in the legislature at the end of the session shows why elections are important!  We need to elect people in all offices that support everybody in the community. 

What can you do? 

Make sure everybody in your household and your friends are registered to vote.  You can do this online.

Get your absentee ballot for the August 11 runoff election

Runoff elections are just as important as primary elections because we have to ensure we have the best candidate to face the Republicans in November.

The races in the runoff are

Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner
Gwinnett County Sheriff
Superior Court Judge
GA State Senate District 9
County Commission District 3
Gwinnett County Commission Chair

You can get an absentee ballot application by pressing the button below.

Fill it out, send it back by mail, fax, or scan it and send it by email.I have filled mine out already. 

Voting is the way we can effectively make changes in Gwinnett and in this country. 


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