And Counting…

What are we counting?  The population, that is what! 

Every ten years, the constitution of the United States mandates we count our population so we can determine congressional representation and how much each state receives in federal funds.  (Article I section 2)

Of course, we do not do this counting on an abacus! We do this by filling out a convenient census form ON-LINE!  Click the image below to fill out your census.

Or you can call this phone number to be counted 844-330-2020.

I urge you to do this as soon as possible because the Census Bureau has decided to end data collection on September 30 which is earlier than planned.

Help ensure that Georgians receive our federal monies that fund programs that benefit us all by filling out the form TODAY!

I have already filled my census questionnaire and I assure you that all answers are kept confidential. This is the law.