FAQ about vote counting

The state of Georgia is presently recounting all the Presidential election votes for 2020. Many of you have had questions concerning the recount. Here are some FAQs that may clear up your concerns.

Q. How is it that Stacey Abrams was able to place a block of signature verification on ballots in Georgia’s hand recount?

. She wasn’t. Signature verification is done when the ballot is first mailed. After this, the ballot is separated from the envelope. You have a constitutional right to a secret ballot, so none of the ballots are connected to a person after verification.

Q. Why are the Republican inspectors being kept so far away from the ballots that they cannot see the signatures or the envelopes of the absentee ballots?

They are not. Vote Review Panels are made up of Republicans and Democrats—each selected by the County party. Any citizen can watch the process but observing is done in a specific place—by Democrats, Republicans, and anyone who wants to observe. Republicans are not being put in a designated Republican area separate from everyone else and far away.

If you live in Gwinnett County, you are allowed to go see the process for yourself, firsthand at the Gwinnett Voter Registrations and Elections Office. You can also watch a live stream of the audit at Gwinnett County Elections Recount

Votes must be certified by Friday, November 20, 2020