2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 session for the Georgia Legislature starts at 10:00 AM tomorrow.  After the new members are sworn in, we will get to work.


The budget will be the most important issue because it is the legislature’s number one responsibility. This is going to be difficult because tax revenues are down due to COVID. I will stand up to any Republican attempt to cut the budget in areas that will harm the people of Georgia.


The second issue that we will have before us is redistricting. We redo the Georgia state legislative districts and Congressional districts every 10 years after the census. This should be colorful because the Republicans are going to try to shape the new districts in ways that will keep them in power. They are not too happy about losing the Presidency and two US Senate seats and more so the Congressional 7th District, which is where I live.  I will stand up to any attempts at gerrymandering that end up disenfranchising voters, voters should elect their representatives not representatives selecting their voters.


In addition to redistricting, the Republicans are going to try to restrict voting rights. They want to eliminate drop boxes for absentee ballots, have fewer early voting days, and eliminate no excuse early voting. I see this move for what it is; a way for Republicans to keep power by making it hard for people to vote. Voting should be made easier rather than harder. I will stand with the Democratic Party delegation against this.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me. It’s important that you let me know your views on important issues.

Honorable Dewey McClain
Representative, District 100
18 Capitol Square
509-A CLOB
Atlanta, GA 30334