School board elections

school board

School board elections have been moved to MAY.

That’s right school board elections will no longer be conducted in November but will be in May with the primaries.  Only it won’t be a primary for the school board, and there will be no parties listed on the ballot next to the candidates’ names for school board.

Primary Election Day: Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Early Voting is available May 2nd – May 20th

Deadline to Register for May 24th Primary Election: April 25th, 2022

Sound strange?  I agree.

This is a right-wing Republican strategy, courtesy of our state legislature that does not believe in local control.  These people cannot accept that Democrats won the majority of school board seats in a free and fair election so they just decided to make the school board elections “non-partisan”.  Now they won’t have to tell the world or Gwinnettians their candidates are really Republicans. 

Republicans have also noticed that Democrats usually don’t vote in the May primaries.  They even admit that, so with fewer Democratic voters they feel they can win. 

What can you do?  Vote.  Get others to vote.  Register them.  Take them to the polls.  Yes, in the May primary.  It’s important.

register to vote
check your registration

This is the year that is more important than ever to show up to vote. Republicans are too dangerous to have on school boards.  They want to censor history and ban books. 

If it didn’t matter so much, Republicans would not be trying to take your vote away from you.