Row v Wade

It’s been a tough week for those of us on the progressive side of the aisle. The Supreme Court is certainly not our friend, or a friend of privacy rights or public safety.

First the Supreme court decides that state rights do not apply in the case of New York and gun control when striking down New York’s law.  Then the court decided that government has a right to interfere in the most intimate decisions people have to make about their lives; that is when to start a family and how big it should be. They evidently didn’t realize that their decision in striking down Roe v Wade has far reaching implications in other cases, from gay marriage to even inter-racial marriage.

It is not lost on me that Justice Thomas has an interracial marriage, and lives in the state of Virginia. As in Loving v Virginia, which is the landmark case that threw out laws prohibiting interracial marriage. I wonder if Justice Thomas realizes that his reasoning in Roe v Wade could apply to his own situation.

I find it very sad that Republicans are more concerned about gun rights than a woman’s rights. I hope they know women vote and they will be voted out.  There will be consequences for their actions.

What you can do is work for and donate to Democratic candidates at all levels who will restore full rights to women.  Vote for Democrats at all levels so we can vote out the Republicans.