Bad Bills

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We are more than half way through the legislative session, Crossover is Thursday, February 29th which means bills that do not pass one chamber to the other is dead and those that have come from the Senate side for our consideration. I can truly say that some of these bills are really awful and they will not have my support. These are a few of the worst.

  • SB 379 which allows schools to replace or supplement guidance counselors with chaplains. These chaplains are not required to have any training or certifications as school counselors.
  • SB 352 Prohibits sex education before fifth grade and no public school system would be required to offer sex education at all.
  • SB 394 Creates the Georgia council of library materials standards whose job would be to decide which books are harmful to minors and should be banned. In other words, a censorship board.
  • SB 362 This is an anti union piece of legislation, which would deny companies in Georgia from taking advantage of tax incentives if they voluntarily recognize the union if a majority of their employees sign a union card.