Minimum Wage Bill

This session I have introduced HB 8, a minimum wage bill to the Georgia House of Representatives.   HB 8 would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour which would benefit all of Georgia’s working families.

A $15 minimum wage won’t break the economy.  In fact, it will put money back into the economy.  How can the economy grow if people can’t afford to purchase anything?

Unfortunately, HB 8 isn’t even getting a hearing because it is being held hostage by House Industry and Labor Committee Chairman Mark Hamilton.   Don’t you think this bill deserves a fair hearing?  Please contact Chairman Mark Hamilton and the other committee members and tell them it’s time to get the conversation going.  Tell them you want them to have a hearing on HB 8.   Here is all the contact information for the House Industry and Labor Committee.     Here is a link to HB 8