State Senate Races

Did you know that Jon Ossoff is not the only Democratic candidate with a runoff election this spring? It’s true.

Let me introduce you to my friend Christine Triebsch who is running for GA State Senate District 32. That is her pictured with me above at the Democratic Party of Georgia State Dinner last week. Ms. Triebsch beat out 7 other candidates to get the most votes but she did not break the 50% mark. She will have a runoff on MAY 16, 2017.

She ran a great campaign on a shoestring and now she needs your help to win the runoff. I urge you to visit her web page at and volunteer or donate some money. Ms. Triebsch has a great chance of winning and if she does, she will break the Republican super majority in the State Senate. And some folks still think State and Local races do not matter!

Runoff May 16, 2017