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Early voting for Runoff Election

Early voting has begun for the July 24 runoff election and will end on July 24.   There is no weekend voting.  On election day, you can vote at your precinct.

This election is for races where the winner received less than 50% of the vote.  I urge everybody to vote in this runoff election because we need to select the strongest Democratic party ticket as possible to challenge the Republicans in November.

For Democrats, those races are as follows

State School Superintendent

Sid Chapman

Otha E. Thornton Jr.

Congressional District 7

Carolyn Bourdeaux
PHONE NUMBER: (770) 904-1518

David Kim

Judicial Race

This race will be on all ballots.

Veronica Cope

Tracey Mason



  1.  If you voted in the primary and pulled a Democratic ballot, you can only vote a Democratic ballot in the runoff.
  2. If you voted in the primary and pulled a non- partisan ballot, you can pull EITHER a Democratic or Republican ballot.
  3. If you did NOT vote in the primary but are registered to vote you can pull EITHER a Democratic or Republican ballot

Anti-Voting Bill Passes Georgia House

Anti-Voting Bill Passes Georgia House

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy – but it’s been under attack across the country.

On February 23, 2017, House Bill 268 passed in the Georgia House and is on its way to the Senate. This is a dangerous bill that makes it harder for Georgians from all walks of life to vote. In addition to illegally restricting the types of identification that can be used to register to vote, H.B. 268 also discriminates against election protection and voter information volunteers, and increases the risk of voter intimidation and disenfranchisement.

In Georgia, we can’t stand for that. That’s why the Georgia House Democratic Caucus has announced five new bills this session to reverse the tide and increase access to the polls.

There’s the “Any Precinct Act,” the “Absentee Ballot Access Act,” the “Georgia Voters’ Bill of Rights,” the “Permanent Portable Registration Act,” and the “Timely Process Act.” Share information about these bills with your friends and neighbors.

These commonsense measures need your support, and we must sound the alarm about H.B. 268 as well. Here’s what you can do:

1. Call your state representative and let them know that you support our bills, and call your state senator to let them know you oppose H.B. 268. State your name, zip code, and a reason for your support. Here is a sample conversation:

“Hello. My name is Jane Smith and my zip code is 12345. I am calling to express my opposition to House Bill 268. We should be making it easier for people to head to the polls on Election Day, but this bill only makes it harder. I would also like to express my support for the ‘Any Precinct Act,’ which would make it far easier for me as a commuter to vote on Election Day.”

Find the contact information for your representation here.

2. Write a letter to the editor (LTE) for your local paper. These letters are a short, simple way to publicly endorse a bill. Learn how to write an LTE and see our examples here.

Voting should be simple, and these bills help streamline the process. Thank you for making your voice heard.

After Super Tuesday


Mrs. Cleo Orange

On the heels of Super Tuesday, I just had to post this picture of one of the most spectacular people that I know, Mrs. Cleo Orange, widow of the Reverend James Orange. He along with Dr. King, Rep. John Lewis, Rev. Joseph Lowery and so many others sacrificed greatly so that everyone could participate in the electoral process. If you have not registered to vote, you owe it to all of those who dedicated their lives to a cause greater than themselves to do so. The United States can never be legitimately UNITED unless everyone is given the opportunity to have his or her voice heard.

Vote Tomorrow!

You all know that tomorrow, November 4, 2014 is election day.

I want to take the time to emphasize how important it is for you to vote and this year especially.  We have two critical races where your vote can make the difference.  The Governor and Senate races are very very close and to ensure a Democratic victory, every Democrat has to get out and vote.

I took the opportunity to vote early but many of you have not.  The polls are open tomorrow beginning at 7 AM and close at 7 PM.   Find your polling place here.

If you witness voter intimidation or feel you have been unjustly prevented from voting, please call the Voter Protection Hotline at 1-844-285-7711 or email them at

Do you need a ride to the polls?   The Voter Protection Hotline handles that too.   1-844-285-7711 or email them at

Early Voting

check_vote_dark copyEarly voting starts today, October 13, 2014 in Gwinnett County.   I encourage everybody to get out and cast a ballot during the early voting period or on election day.

But Dewey, you say, “This isn’t a Presidential election year and you are running unopposed, and I have so much to do….. why do I need to vote this year?”.

There is a lot at stake this year.  We need Democrats in office.   We need to have Jason Carter as Governor.  Our current Governor has cost you, the tax payer, millions of dollars in ethics fines.  You shouldn’t have to pay for his corruption.   The current governor has cut millions of dollars from the education budget and refuses to expand Medicaid for those who need health care.

We need Michelle Nunn in the Senate.   We need somebody who is willing to work to get problems solved and not just vote to shut down the government.  We need Doreen Carter as Secretary of State because we need somebody who won’t put barriers in the way of voting registration and voting.  We need Democrats at the local level to stop the kind of Republican obstruction that keeps our cities and schools from functioning.

Here is the schedule and locations for early voting:

Elections Office

Monday – Friday, October 13 – October 31, 8:00am – 5:00pm;
Saturday,  October 18 and October 25, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections Office
455 Grayson Highway, Suite 200, Lawrenceville

Satellite Locations

Saturday, October 25, 9:00am – 4:00pm;
Monday – Friday  October 27 – October 31, 9:00am – 7:00pm

Bogan Park Community Recreation Center
2723 North Bogan Road
Buford, GA 30518

Centerville Community Center
3025 Bethany Church Road, Snellville

Dacula Park Activity Building
2735 Auburn Avenue, Dacula

George Pierce Park Community Recreation Center
55 Buford Highway, Suwanee

Lenora Park Activity Room
4515 Lenora Church Road
Snellville, GA 30078 

Lucky Shoals Park Community Recreation Center
4651 Britt Road, Norcross

Remember,  Republicans win, when Democrats don’t vote.

Take another voter to the polls and remember your ID card!

And here I am early voting!

early voting








— Dewey

Last Day to Register to Vote for November

voteTOMORROW, is the LAST day you can register to vote in order to vote in this November’s election

If you are not registered to vote, or you know of somebody who isn’t registered to vote the good news for you is that you can register online HERE.   It does not take long.

Please register if you are not already registered.   It’s very important that everybody participates this year.

Not sure if you are registered or if your registration is still valid?   Check HERE